The Association's AGM - in person! and future plans

The Association’s AGM | March 31st, 2022

The Association of Distance Learning colleges was very happy to hold its AGM yesterday in person, in our usual venue, the boardroom of the Royal Asiatic Society in London. This is a beautiful place, and we were delighted to be back to a real face-to-face meeting at last.  Zoom is all very well, and has been a boon during the pandemic and lockdowns, but we felt we achieved a lot more when we were all in the same room.

Distance Learning has had a vital part to play in how people have coped with life during these troubled times. We have plans for the future well-being and advancement of the Association, and its work with Member Colleges, Associate Members and friends in promoting high-quality and reliable distance learning.

We also enjoyed reviewing the latest crop of winners of our Certificate of Merit. You can read their stories here