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Steve Greenwell – Arts Council funding for the Bearded Chainsaw Carver | February 13th, 2018

Some news on Steve Greenwell’s carving projects – Steve was awarded the ABCC Certificate of Merit for his Arboriculture work with the Horticultural Correspondence College.

“I have had the good news today that the Arts Council is funding it, which I am very pleased with. I have a couple of lucky days, received my funding approval today and yesterday I emailed Stihl some pictures of my current carving work in progress, which is a Stihl heritage chainsaw bench (work in progress pic attached) and they are so impressed with it once I have it finished they are going to showcase photos on their Facebook and Twitter pages in return for a merchandise package. Stihl is the top selling chainsaw brand in the world; I named the bench the Stihl heritage bench as the chainsaw I carved on it is the first ever petrol chainsaw, which was produced by Stihl in the late 1920’s with the original 1926 Stihl logo hand painted on the bar, then the Stihl logo on the cross piece under the seat is the logo from the 1960’s-70’s.

“Stihl have been really impressed with the bench and are going to be showing it on their social media pages in the very near future, it is all going well, and I am delighted that the Arts Council has now funded me for my carving.

“In regards to my charity work, which is a quite separate project, I am going to be producing a series of carvings (yet to be planned and drawn up) which will then be donated to local charities, some will be auctioned off and the funds donated to that particular charity and some will donated for display purposes. Then in August this year I will be undertaking a live carving demo at my local country show.

“At the minute I have been in contact with a few local charities. I have been in contact with county’s hedgehog trust and they are on board, I have also been in contact with a local very small rural primary school (only 15-20 pupils over all age ranges) with the idea of carving them something that they can display/use in their outdoor area (plus they have a forest school for the kids which is an excellent idea). It would be great for the kids to benefit from one of my carvings.

“There is still a lot to arrange, but I will get it sorted and the project should hopefully be very successful. I have named the project The Bearded Chainsaw Carver!”