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Oxbridge students triumph at GCSE and A Level | August 24th, 2021

Online College Oxbridge Outperforms on A-level and GCSE Results

The results are in, and EdTech is a winner! Oxbridge students attained an astonishing 97% pass rate across this year’s GCSE and A-level results.

69% of Oxbridgestudents have achieved A or A* in their A-levelsand an incredible 80% of GCSEpasses achieved 7+ this year (out of 9). This places Oxbridge amongst the top colleges in the country, with a quarter more pupils gaining top A-level grades compared to the national average.

Matt Jones, Founder and MD said: “These stellar results demonstrate the impact of EdTech and how it is positively disrupting the traditional learning space. Now, students can learn on their terms and gain top grades, from the comfort of home.”

With so many pupils achieving high grades this year, getting into university could be tricky for some. So, for Oxbridge to produce such strong results shows that pupils should be confident in pursuing their career paths. Students and parents alike should be as delighted as Oxbridge with the results obtained this summer, as it helps them strive for success.

An impressive 96% of overall pupils received grade C or above for their A-levels. Of the 69% achieving grade A* or A, 31% gained an A* and 38% obtained an A. With such strong grades, many pupils have decided to go on to study further qualifications with Oxbridge.

Oxbridge pupil, Danielle David, exclaimed “I literally cried out of happiness because I didn’t expect to get the grades that I did. Especially with Maths because I always struggled with it but managed to get an A!

“Distance learning gave me the chance to learn to be independent with my studies, but it really helped that my tutors were there every step of the way with any questions about the content or just how to go about learning the content.

“My next steps are university! My tutors helped me apply to a Biological Science course through UCAS, so I’m hoping to join this year!”


A successful outcome was also gained for the GCSE results produced by the college’s pupils this year. 80% achieved a Grade 7 or above (A or A* equivalent), 38% of whom received a grade 9 (A*). 98% of students obtained grade 4 or above (equating to a grade C using the previous grading system).

When compared to the national average, this means over 50% more pupils achieved Grade 7 or above in their GCSEs. Additionally, 21% more students obtained Grade 4 or above.

Matt Jones continues: I am incredibly proud of our students, tutors, and support team’s tremendous effort to achieve these impressive, way above national average results. A huge well done!”