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London Art College students gain successes | May 27th, 2021

Like London buses, our award-winning students seem to come along in threes.

This week we have been happy to award our Certificate of Merit to three very different students with London Art College.

Shiven Sidharth

Shiven lives in New Delhi, which is currently going through a very tough time with the pandemic, and Shiven and his family are isolating at home.

He explains – ‘I have utilised my quarantine in learning new languages (British Sign Language and French). The Drawing and Painting Course from LAC has been an excellent decision and the individual attention given by my tutor has helped me to immensely improve my work.’

He sounds like an impressive gentlemen, does he not? We were astonished to learn that he is all of eight years old!

Ariana Harkiolakis

Ariana is a student in Greece. She has Autism, and lives in a community where there is very little support.  She has diligently worked through 5 courses – Watercolour, Illustration, Digital Illustration, Cartooning, Illustrating Children Books – with London Art College, and her tutors feel that the additional recognition of the Association’s Certificate of Merit would boost her self-confidence and encourage her to keep going with distance learning.

Lucca Cavicchioni 

is a student of Digital Illustration. His tutor says –
‘After every verbal feedback I gave to Lucca, he listened carefully and went back into the assignments he’d already submitted, played with design, colour, composition & technical suggestions I’d given him.

He then emailed me the changes & experiments he’d made after the assignment was graded.

On one occasion I spoke to him about the challenges of creating the illusion of depth on a two dimensional surface & how practicing Shading of shapes would help his illustrations become more three dimensional.

I told him about the artist Cezanne and how he used the same method.

Remember, this has nothing to do with studying gimp or digital illustration, and would not be counted towards his grade, but it would drastically change and improve his ability to see depth.

Shortly afterward, I received a mail with his completed shapes, including light source and shadow.

Learning to take advice from those that have been in the industry longer than you have, shows me his desire to learn and grow & a heart warming quality of humility.

Lucca’s willingness to learn, push out of his comfort zone & dedication to the course has been phenomenal. He has put in at least double the work of most of my students, always taking his time & never submitting anything but his personal best.

He’s worked incredibly hard and I’m very proud of his accomplishments.’

Lucca Cavicchioni artwork