Awards for Students, Tutors and Teams

Awards for Students, Tutors and Teams | June 29th, 2022


The stories we hear of our students’ efforts and triumphs are very important to us – it makes it all worthwhile to know that distance learning can really make a difference and turn lives around for the good.

When we first introduced this scheme we called it our Certificate of Merit – but we now feel that this is hardly adequate to acknowledge their triumphs, so we have renamed it our Certificate of Excellence.

The successes of our students are very much due to the skills and efforts of the wonderful tutors and teams at our Member Colleges, so we are happy to acknowledge them with Certificate of Excellence awards too.

Read their stories and be inspired; Member Colleges, please recommend more of your students, and your amazing staff, to receive the award. It should be said that the Award has no monetary value – simply glory! – but we are touched by how pleased and proud our winners are to receive it. Access the awards page here