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‘Write Storybooks For Children’ is the world’s most popular online course designed for anyone who has ever considered writing for children.Whether you want the recognition and reward of becoming a bestselling children’s author, or the simple joy and satisfaction of delighting the children in your life – this award-winning course gives you everything you need to write captivating stories for children. is the trusted course of choice for over 140,000 people worldwide. This comprehensive, world-class training gives you all the guidance and in-depth help you need to write successful children’s books – from how to get started, how to structure a storyline, create a plot, write dialogue and decide on a style, to where to look for a good illustrator, how to avoid the mistakes that annoy most editors and so much more.

Writing a children’s book is a life’s ambition for many people. Yet, few ever achieve that dream.

Why? Most, burdened by family and work commitments, simply don’t have the time and energy left to write. Others carry wonderful ideas around in their head, yet have no clue how to turn them into words that children would want to read.

If this is you, then we understand exactly how you feel. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a good idea for a children’s story, yet not being able to get started.

We persuaded some of the world’s top children’s authors and editors to share their secrets and work closely with us to create a superb step-by-step course packed with expert guidance for all those would-be writers.

People just like you…

The Result? The Write Storybooks for Children online course, which gives you all the guidance and intensive, in-depth help you need to write children’s books – even if you haven’t written a thing since high school.

You’ll discover how to get started, choose an age group, structure a storyline, create a plot, write dialogue and decide on a style, find a good illustrator and how to avoid the mistakes that annoy most editors.

You’ll learn the little knacks of shaping or pacing a story, the effective adjectives that make a character leap off the page and into children’s hearts and imaginations, the little-known approaches that make the difference between a publisher tossing your story on the reject pile or reading your work straight away and so much more.

This advice is artistic and creative. Yet it also offers you shrewd practical help on how to write in a way that will appeal to children and publishing editors alike, how to market your work to publishers and how to write in a disciplined, thoroughly professional way.

Module Overview

  • Introduction to writing children’s stories
  • Getting started
  • Tips from successful children’s authors
  • How JK Rowling became a successful author
  • The Three C’s
  • The 5 practical elements that produce page-turning fiction
  • The planning stage
  • How to pitch your story
  • Mapping Chapters
  • How to create character identities
  • How to plan the timing of a Story
  • The three major elements of a satisfying piece of fiction
  • Setting
  • Relationships between characters and settings
  • Viewpoint
  • Past, present and future tense
  • Identifying your ‘voice’.
  • How to start the first chapter
  • How to create the first draft
  • Setting the tone
  • Common mistakes most beginners make
  • Self-assessment test
  • Much more!

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