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Finding the course you want | March 1st, 2018

Finding the Course You Want

Distance or flexible learning may be just what you need. Perhaps you want to acquire new skills, but can’t afford time off work. Perhaps you now have the time to explore those subjects you’ve always been curious about. Perhaps school didn’t work for you… Here are some tips on finding the course you want.

With our courses you can learn how, when and where you want. New ways of learning, new opportunities, and new qualifications become available. And you take responsibility for your own learning.

A good provider will give support, but will leave you in control. So you need to be sure the course is right for you before you buy. Learning is a lifelong investment; it is important to invest wisely. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the provider, before you buy.

What do you want to achieve? Here are some questions to ask –


• Is the course right for you?
• How much tutorial support will there be?
• Can you complete the entire course at home, or do you need to spend some time at a regional or national centre?
• Does the course lead to a nationally recognised qualification?
• If so, how is the qualification achieved?
• Will there be an exam at the end?
• Are there time limits? Do you have to nish the course, or take the exam, by a certain date? Can you re-take the exam if you fail?


• How much will it cost?
• Is financial support available?
• Can you get a refund if things go wrong?


• Can you look at the course first?
• Can you talk to former students?
• Have previous learners been successful?
• Is the course recognised by any outside authority?


• Is the provider independently inspected/accredited?
A provider may use membership of another organisation to show that it is reputable. If so, can they provide clarification of any claimed membership?

Never receive and deal with salesmen at your home before you have asked all the questions and verified all the facts.