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Lucca Cavicchioni |Student with London Art College – art courses on the web

After every verbal feedback I gave to Lucca, he listened carefully and went back into the assignments he’d already submitted, played with design, colour, composition & technical suggestions I’d given him.

He then emailed me the changes & experiments he’d made after the assignment was graded.

On one occasion I spoke to him about the challenges of creating the illusion of depth on a two dimensional surface & how practicing Shading of shapes would help his illustrations become more three dimensional.

I told him about the artist Cezanne and how he used the same method.

Remember, this has nothing to do with studying gimp or digital illustration, and would not be counted towards his grade, but it would drastically change and improve his ability to see depth.

Shortly afterward, I received a mail with his completed shapes, including light source and shadow.

Learning to take advice from those that have been in the industry longer than you have, shows me his desire to learn and grow & a heart warming quality of humility.

Lucca’s willingness to learn, push out of his comfort zone & dedication to the course has been phenomenal. He has put in at least double the work of most of my students, always taking his time & never submitting anything but his personal best.

He’s worked incredibly hard & I’m very proud of his accomplishments.

Lucca’s response

I have always been drawn to art, but for some odd reason it took until nearly three years ago for me to take the passion seriously. I would often find myself doodling small characters or monsters in the corner of an A4 sheet of paper and stop after a couple of doodles – that was the extent of my art in school. I think that was a reflection of my confidence in my abilities, even if I didn’t know it.

Even so, when I signed up for this course (Digital Illustration), I thought I was fairly good at art. I thought I wasn’t going to learn much, and I’d breeze through it – I had already been practicing digital art for a year or so prior.

Now when I look back to what I made before, or even at the start of this course I can say with confidence it was alright, at best. I have improved a great deal since the days I would doodle a little picture in the corner of a page and think “Yeah, this is neat!”. Now that I have sat down to think about it, my tutor hasn’t only helped me grow as an artist, but with improved artistic abilities comes improved confidence. I feel a lot more confidant to show my art and make something that will be seen by others.

I would highly recommend anyone with even a passing interest in digital art to take this course. Unleash your creativity! Monique has such a wonderful eye for detail, and will no doubt help you grow.

Even though it took me a little longer than most, I’m so happy I took this course and improved as much as I did. Thank you, Monique, and the London Art College!

Monique has convinced me to create an Instagram page, so if anyone’s interested in seeing more of my art I shall begin regularly uploading here: @cavicchioni_art