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The Marine Society aims to be the first in learning and professional development for seafarers, helping them to learn new skills, gain accredited qualifications and realise their full potential.

Through our partnerships we offer tailored learning programmes that support your learning and professional development at all levels through to postgraduate and perfect for delivery at sea.

We work hard to ensure that no matter where they are, whether on land or at sea they have the opportunities to develop their full potential.

From crew libraries, book shop, and our extensive learning and education programmes, delivered by distance learning, we’re committed to supporting seafarers.

“The Marine Society has an important role to play in supporting our seafarers and it does it very well indeed.”

Mark Dickinson, General Secretary
Nautilus International


The Marine Society offers tailored learning programmes that help seafarers improve their education – and take the next crucial step in their professional development. We focus exclusively on those who work at sea, providing distance learning suitable for those away from home.

Through better education we can help seafarers get to where they want to be.

We are direct providers of some education programmes and we also partner with selected education and training providers to deliver seafarer-focused opportunities for quality-assured personal and professional development.

As an examination centre we enter seafarers for public and professional examinations and manage them at sea.


We offer financial assistance through scholarship schemes and interest free loans, to help seafarers improve their education and take the next crucial step in their professional development.


Our crew library supplies 120,000 books to ships throughout the world offering readers entertainment and the chance to escape with a good book.

We supports hundreds of vessels globally and our titles are tailored to suit all readers, helping to promote crew well-being and contributes to a corporate safety strategy by providing the means to relax at sea.

It also helps ship operators to meet their commitments under the Maritime Labour Convention.

Our bookshop offers a range of titles and formats at competitive prices to seafarers and maritime sector bodies that serve seafarers and any surplus funds generated goes to support seafarers

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