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HighGround – Land-based opportunities for Service leavers, Reservists and Veterans

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Approximately 14,000 members of the Armed Forces leave the Services every year. It is well recognised across a wealth of research that employment is a critical component of successful transition to civilian life and more importantly that those men and women who choose a job as part of a career path are more likely to be motivated and feel they are progressing.

Those who join HM Forces are predominantly outdoor people, and the land-based sector offers an ever-increasing variety of opportunities for Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to use their unique transferable skills learned in the military to pursue jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector in the UK and beyond.

One of the principal challenges to face Service Leavers and Veterans is to be able to identify their transferable skills and then market themselves effectively to employers. In addition there are those for whom the transition to civilian life is not smooth and additional help, guidance and information is required.

HighGround – our vision

Out vision is to be the leading organisation for the provision of land-based opportunities for all ex-military personnel and Reservists.

The organisation is positioned as a forward-facing destination where beneficiaries can be assured of understanding, assistance and long-term support and advice to help sustain their successful transition to civilian life.

In particular HighGround will:

  • Provide a Horticultural Therapy service 
at Headley Court for Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) patients, as part of the Defence Recovery Capability, and will move to the new Defence National Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall in 2018 when Headley Court closes.
  • Develop Rural Weeks for Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to provide access to expert advice about land-based jobs, careers and vocational opportunities.
  • Provide ongoing formal and informal support for HighGround beneficiaries as they continue their journey through transition.
  • Collect an evidence base to increase awareness of transition challenges, needs and outcomes that will inform the development of appropriate services.
  • Partnership working is at the core of HighGround’s vision and the Charity is developing relationships with further education, work experience, training and employment providers in the land-based sector and is working closely with other Service charities to develop resources for this unique client group.

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HighGround – Land-based opportunities for HM Forces leavers

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