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The ADLC is a trade association, the only one in the country for providers of distance learning. We have been established for more than fifty years. We have between twenty and thirty member Colleges, each of which provides courses in its specialist subjects.

All our Members have signed our Code of Ethics, in which they pledge themselves to maintain the highest standards of integrity and service to their students. You can read our full Code of Ethics here.

Some specialist subjects, such as Animal Care, Building or Calibration, are offered by only one College. Others, such as Languages, Counselling or Book-Keeping, are offered by several. If this is the case, you have a choice. Visit the websites of the different Colleges, talk to their student advisors and then make your selection.

Whenever you like. Since you are not joining a class, but learning as an individual, you can begin your home study course at any time that suits you.

For most courses there are no entry requirements. If you want to take an advanced course it will obviously be easier if you already have a grounding in the subject.

Courses are of very varied length, from a single unit to a complex series. How long you take to complete the whole course will depend on how much time you can give to it. If you are studying for a public examination you will need to organise your learning so that you are ready in time.

This is a hard question to answer, as there are so many courses available and prices vary considerably. As a very rough guide, a complete A Level course might be about £375, a basic course in book-keeping £275, a beginner’s course in Nutrition £150.

If your course leads to a public exam such as A Level you will need to sit the exam papers on the same day and at the same time as everyone else. This will mean finding an examination centre willing to take you. The College providing your course can probably advise you, but the ultimate responsibility is yours.

Our Colleges offer between them a huge number of courses. Some of these lead to recognised qualifications, such as GCSEs and A Levels, City and Guilds, ACCA or ECDL. Others lead to the College’s own Certificate or Diploma. Make sure before you choose your course that it leads to the qualification you need. Many courses do not lead to exams.

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