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Mind, Body & Spirit

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Mind, Body & Spirit

Courses in well-being…

both physical and mental – conventional and alternative therapies, fitness and nutrition, psychology and counselling, life coaching, philosophy and thought. Courses for Mind, Body & Spirit.

Addiction Counselling

Applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Christian Counselling

Clinical & Pastoral Counselling

Co-Dependency Counselling

Coaching & Mentoring

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring

Couple and Family Counselling

CPD Courses (University Accredited)

Crisis and Trauma Counselling

Crisis Counselling

Deaf Awareness and Sign Language

Developing Active Listening Skills

Holistic Diagnosis Skills

Holistic Family Health Management

Holistic Fertility Therapy

Psycho Compatibility Therapy


Psychology & Treatment of Alcoholism

Stop Smoking Therapy Clinic

Stress Counselling in the Workplace

Therapeutic Communication

Therapeutic Counselling

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Vegetarian & Vegan Nutritional Therapy

Youth Counselling