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Careers and Practical Courses

Careers and Practical Courses

Careers and Practical Courses

is a very varied section…

but basically the courses listed here are designed to teach you a trade, in the broadest sense, an occupation or vocation, a way of earning a living. If you are setting out on your career, or are looking for a life change, this area is worth exploring in depth. Our Careers and Practical Courses can open doors.

Advanced Canine and/or Feline Care (Level 2)

Advanced Care and Management of Dogs and Cats

Advanced Health Care for Dogs and Cats (Short course Level 3)

Advanced Horse and Pony Care (Level 3)

Advanced Nutrition for Dogs and Cats (short course Level 3)

Anatomy & Physiology of Dogs and Cats

Behavioural Modification (Dogs) for Professionals


Canine Welfare and Dogs in Society (Advanced Short Course Level 3)

Care & Management of Small Companion Animals

Health, Safety, Legal and associated issues in Animal Care

Health Business, Start your Own

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Intermediate Feline Psychology (Level 2)

Introduction to Equine Psychology (Level 1)

Introduction to Canine Psychology (Level 1)

Modern Theories of Canine Behaviour, Psychology & Training

Modifying Canine Aggression (Level 4)

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Home Boarding (Level 3)

Plant Growth, Propagation & Development

Royal Horticultural Society courses


Web Editing

Web Writing

Writing: Making Money from Short Stories