Congratulations to all our Member Colleges and their students!

Steven Greenwell |Student with HCC – The Horticultural Correspondence College

Superb work in Arboriculture

The work that Steven has produced has been of a superb and consistent standard throughout the course, both in terms of the written word, graphically, and pictorially at the same time, and with an organisational sense to match all the parameters set by the syllabi.
Steven has produced hand created illustrations and other graphical material, and has not been depended on computer generated imagery.
Some of the very best that I have seen in over 30 years of marking distance learning scripts.
The overall quality of this work for advanced study has been outstanding – and well worthy of an award of certificate of merit.
I have suggested that with more experience – he is currently working on our Diploma in Arboriculture – he might become an HCC Arboricultural Tutor.