Coronavirus - important announcement about vocational and technical qualifications

Emma Harrison

Emma studied for a Certificate in Commercial Management with the Distance Learning Partnership. She completed the course in two years with an overall distinction plus distinctions in Estimating, Measurement and the Final Assignment. Emma’s own comments on her experience are given below.

“I found it challenging fitting in my part-time study whilst having full time job commitments. It was also a struggle with home life too as I had two children and one with a disability to look after. My employer VolkerRail did grant me a little study time during the week but due to my workload I couldn’t always get the time to study. I found setting myself targets helped and I knew I could always ask my tutor if I wanted further clarity on anything I didn’t quite understand. Even with all the challenges I have faced over two years of the course I exceeded my own expectations and that of my employer and received a Distinction overall in Certificate of Commercial Management. Receiving this qualification has helped me to achieve promotions in work and working towards my ultimate goal of Quantity Surveyor and achieving this in just 3 years. I went on to progress in my HNC and complete again to a high standard. Ultimately I want to achieve a degree in Quantity Surveying which I shall be completing over the next three years. I couldn’t be a Quantity Surveyor without the knowledge and skills I have learnt from completing my course.”