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About us

Would you like to improve your employment prospects?

Start up in business for yourself? Have you always wanted to speak another language? Take up a hobby or creative skill?

With our courses you can study when and where you like, make good use of your spare time or fit your studies into a busy life.

Many of our students have taken courses with great success – at home, in the workplace, or even whilst sailing around the world, living in remote and undeveloped regions, in prison or hospital, or anywhere where it is more convenient to take control of their own programmes of study.

Now’s the time to learn something new – to improve your existing portfolio of skills or to make a fresh start. Distance Learning is the ideal way to study, at your own pace and wherever you might be. Learning at home or learning in the workplace, you can take that step forward. All our courses include full tutorial support, so you have advice on hand. You’re never left struggling or baffled!

Browse our Courses area for details of the fascinating and rewarding subjects you can study by distance learning with our Member Colleges; or, if you know what you want to study, simply type the word in the search box and you will see which of our Members offer that course.

All our Member Colleges agree to our Code of Ethics, which guarantees you good service and good quality in distance learning.

Why not take a look at our Course of the Week – chosen at random from the thousands of exciting courses available? Just click on the link above.


We thought that Members, students and friends might like to see the Newsletters we prepared for our AGM in March – the first one we were able to hold face-to-face for some time.  It contains news, gossip, student stories and a cheering message from our undaunted Chairman.
It’s best look at in two-page booklet mode. We’ve also added some back numbers, still worth a read. Please enjoy!

Newsletter March 2022

Newsletter March 2021

Newsletter September 2020

And here is the issue produced for the AGM we should have held in March 2020.
Newsletter 2020


About us and our history

Distance learning, or home study, first began as soon as there was a reliable postal service. The Penny Post began as early as the seventeenth century, but really took off with the invention of gummed stamps, the famous Penny Black, in 1840.

The introduction of the Board Schools in 1870 meant that every child the country received at least an elementary education. For the first time in history the whole population was literate, and the demand for further education grew rapidly.

Postal tuition was perhaps at its most flourishing during and just after the Second World War, when government approached the existing Correspondence Colleges with a view to providing Correspondence Courses for members of the forces.

The colleges involved in this scheme kept in touch with each other by means of an informal committee, and in 1955 decided to form an Association. Its aims, then as now, were to safeguard the interests of students learning at home by ensuring high standards, and to provide services and a forum for discussion among its members.

Modern distance learning has come a very long way from those early beginnings. With the advantages of modern technology, students are able to keep in touch with their Colleges, their tutors and their fellow students.

All our courses are fully tutored – so as you work through your learning materials you will always have advice, guidance, constructive criticism – you will never be left struggling or baffled on your own. Many have active student forums, where you can chat, exchange ideas and ask for help from fellow students.


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Our Code of Ethics

Members of the Association pledge themselves to maintain the highest standard of integrity in all their dealings and, in particular, they undertake...

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